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Precision Bearings

PM is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-precision linear and circular bearings delivered in the most extreme demanding quality required by our customers. PM is providing a complete range of linear bearings, circular bearings, frictionless slides, positioning tables and stages, which guarantees high levels of performances at competitive performance. Thanks to a long history of experience, new findings in research, combined with innovating linear technology, PM’s bearing solutions meet the highest accuracy and quality demands of today’s industry and are successful in use world-wide. With having all the precision bearing manufacturing steps in-house such as machining, grinding, lapping, cylindrical & flatness grinding and electro chemical machining, PM is able to design customer specific bearing solutions required within the most advanced high-tech systems of tomorrows world. For example PM was the first linear bearing company in the world to realize practical use of ceramic linear bearings from diverse materials in our high precision positioning stages operating under extreme environments.

 Bearing Core Competences:

  • Linear Bearings
  • Circular bearings
  • Ultra High-Precision
  • In-house manufacturing
  • High-tech facilities
  • FEM and 3D-Simulation
  • Algor and Siemens NX7.5
  • Mechanical Precision Custom Engineering
  • Dynamics and Tribology
  • Experience with Carbon composites, Ceramics
  • Skilled and experienced workforce

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