Advanced Materials

High reliability, performance, economy and time:  The aeronautical and nano-motion systems designed, manufactured and delivered by the PM-GROUP are facing continuously increasingly challenging demands. Within this context, advanced materials are one of the key elements for our system improvements in the medium and long term. In fact, materials currently used present us with limitations related to more stringent operating conditions and, as a result, limit the implementation of new solutions.

Research is currently being carried out on several fronts to find ways to increase our advanced systems and product performances. The first envisages an increase in the capacity to resist high temperature fluctuations. For example the temperatures required within OLED manufacturing processes have constantly increased over the years, but certain thresholds cannot be overcome due to the structural limits of the materials used to build the stages and advanced metrology systems. The second is weight reduction, which directly affects the performance of our aeronautical systems and advanced motion systems used within nano equipment or space programs.

With regards to our high-precision bearings, a crucial improvement is linked to the development of composite materials which can increase the structural resistance of our bearings. This means improving the reliability and durability of components as well as reducing the bearing solution weight. An additional benefit which was also required by many of our leading customers was related to anti-magnetic solutions, PM was able to design a line of high-precision ceramic solution based products and systems with anti-magnetic competences.

The regular materials currently used in bearings and nano-positioning systems (primarily bearing steel and stainless steel alloys, and aluminium and titanium) have remained almost unchanged for the past twenty years. They have reached their limits in terms of technological development, chemical composition and in relation to the production processes. The development of a new-generation advanced material for the use within the most extreme environments of the various applications of our products would lead us to new technological heights.

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