For over 47 years the PM-GROUP is a reliable supplier to the world’s most leading companies in the military market. The PM-GROUP has developed itself from a precision machining subcontractor into a leading supplier for complex machined parts and integrated assemblies. The PM-GROUP is a key supplier in most major Defence programs such as: Thales radar systems, F16, F35, Apache, Chinook, NH90 Black Hawk, Mirage, CV-90 tank,  Fennek, Boxer, PzH-2000 and the Patriot missle defense system. Our long-term philosophy is to act as a system integrator responsible for engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, certification, delivery and supply of logistical support.

  • Engineering & Development
  • The PM-GROUP primary process of components manufacturing is in accordance with the highest quality approvals and industrial standards such as ISO  and AS certificates, and consists of an extensive range in the product portfolio; from single parts manufacturing to ‘ready to install’  complex assemblies. A typical PM-GROUP’s product range in this market segment is currently:
  • Mechanical structures (Alu, Ti, Steel)
  • Actuation systems (mechanical, electrical, hydraulics/pneumatics)
  • Environmental Control Systems
  • Radar positioning and movables
  • Gear Systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Etc.

With its global scope and presence in the USA, Europe and Asia, the PM-GROUP is able to transfer production capacity and capabilities to low cost regions in a unique concept of standardized and frozen working methods and procedures and together with its partners. In addition the PM-GROUP is focused on new and innovative Technologies in a highly motivated and skilled Team. Our primary goal is to perform “best in class” and to “serve customers objectives”.

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