Business acquisition Brandt FMI

Date: 18-03-2014 - Categories: News


The PM-GROUP is proud to announce the business acquisition of Brandt FMI. As of the 18th of March 2014 the Brandt FMI activities will continue as a sister subsidiary of the PM-GROUP, located in Almere, The Netherlands. The advanced machining and ultra precision competences of Brandt FMI will continue under the name PM-PRECISION and directly capital investments in high-tech equipment have been made.


Brandt FMI is a well-known organization which operates in the same high level industry as the PM-GROUP and is a strong and certified supplier of ultra high precision parts and value engineered solutions for the Aerospace, Military and Maritime industries. Together with the other business divisions of the PM-GROUP, this acquisition will enforce the management long-term mission to become a integrated solution provider for the high-tech market segments like medical, analytical, semicon, aerospace and defense. Additionally through this acquisition the PM-GROUP is able to enter the more demand stable Aerospace and Military markets. Therefore this business acquisition gives the PM-GROUP the unique ability to compensate the fluctuating semiconductor market demand with long-term projects.

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