The PM-GROUP invested in large 5-axis precision machining centers

Date: 31-07-2014 - Categories: News

The choice for large 5-axis machining and automation technology is related to a triangle of requirements within the PM-GROUP. On the one hand 5-axis precision machining capabilities are required within the analytical, semiconductor and medical projects of which sister subsidiary PM-MOTION is involved. For various projects PM-MOTION is developing large size positioning solutions, the strategic precision stage parts of these systems have to be developed and manufactured according to the PM philosophy in-house. Separate from the machining capacity PM invests in precision grinding manufacturing technology for large size positioning systems (stages). While on the other hand PM-AEROTEC is continously confronted with an ever increasing demand for large size advanced aeronautical components and complex machining technologies. The combination and synergies created between these market segments and their requirements within the PM-GROUP, motivates PM therefore to invest in advanced 5-axis machining centers. With the new machining capacity the PM-GROUP is able to machine large and complex structures/components up to 3 meters.

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