Start construction new cleanroom facility

Date: 30-07-2013 - Categories: News

The continuously increasing demand for ultra high precision integrated systems from the high-tech OEM world enables the PM-GROUP to expand its high-tech footprint in the Netherlands. PM-GROUP President Herman Lüth commended on the footprint expansion:

‘’The semiconductor, analytical and medical markets are continuously demanding for higher accuracy, cleaner and more advanced solutions and integrated systems. Therefore the PM-GROUP will continue its investments in advanced technology, all these investments are made to be ready for the customer requirements of tomorrows world’’

At the end of 2013 the PM-GROUP expects the new cleanroom facility to be ready. In total this expansion enables the PM-GROUP to have the ability of over 2000 square meters of cleanroom area, which will be used for the assembly of high precision bearings, positioning systems and mechatronical integrated solutions related to high-tech precision equipment.

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