Our business is extremely complex: it requires collaboration among different professions and the integration of very specific skills. PM’s people work within the following areas:


Buying within the PM-GROUP is all about satisfying internal clients – business and product units. Products purchased need to satisfy our business units needs in terms of quality, reliability and price. Our people working in this area have a global vision and great awareness of cost control.

Administration, finance and control

This department works in planning management activities, finance control and reporting to the general office. Here, we conduct economic and financial analysis, highlighting areas of risk and opportunity for the company. This department also provides assistance to the various business units of the PM-GROUP in drafting contracts.


Marketing and sales are fundamental for our business. Working in the commercial department requires a good knowledge of our products, company processes, the market and the laws that regulate it, combined with a sound knowledge of the tenders and drafting of contracts.


Our communication activities focus on media and stakeholder relations as well as internal relations, website maintenance, advertising, and national and international networking and exhibition events and shows.

Programme management

Programme management covers three areas: cost planning and control; management of one-off activities; and management of client contracts. Our people in this area have a good knowledge of our products and the various markets of the PM-GROUP, as well as PM’s processes and operations with our clients.


The role of the engineer within the PM-GROUP has great strategic value for the business in light of competition worldwide. Engineers work on highly technical projects in partnership with customers, universities and research centres.


Our IT experts are responsible for investment in IT. They define development strategies for the IT systems of the PM-GROUP in line with our business objectives.


The manufacturing process brings together people, machinery, management and decision-making. PM’s manufacturing processes are very complex and technology plays a fundamental role. Our objective is to manufacture safe products of an exceptionally high standard.


This department ensures that all of our products conform to quality checks, verifying PM’s operational processes and controlling suppliers product quality as well as the quality of our final products. The people working in this department have in-depth knowledge of the quality requirements across products and manufacturing processes.

Human resources

Our HR Department collaborates with other departments working on business strategy. Its main activities include: monitoring the progress of PM’s people and their professional development; analysing and planning our processes and organisational structures; looking after relations with trade unions, government bodies and labour organisations.

Product support

Our team of engineering, logistics and design specialists provide services to safeguard the efficiency of PM’s products, systems and solutions during their life cycle, in line with our clients’ demands. Our people have in-depth knowledge of our products and how they behave during service, as well as how our clients use them.

Technology and labs

Our specialists working in mechanics, physics, chemistry and electronics, look after the various manufacturing processes during production.

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