Our Brand

In 2012, the PM-GROUP adopted a new style to highlight the developments taking place within the company and bring to life the innovation that lies at the very heart of our various businesses. PM’s employees were responsible for choosing the new style.

Precisie MetaalThe PM style uses a new design, which symbolises high-precision, service and brightness – like a slipstream in the sky – while the new colours convey our personality and energy. The traditional wings have been moved to the backside of the lay-out to convey the idea of evolution towards new horizons.

The new logo embodies the values that have made PM a key player in the industry: its constant pursuit of innovation; its global nature; and its reliability and team spirit when working in partnership with clients, suppliers and research institutions.

Over the last four decades, PM has transformed and evolved from a manufacturer of components for various applications into a modern international company, involved in the product cycle from beginning to end – from design to production through to maintenance provision, in various sectors, supplying high-tech solutions.

The new style is a symbolic step marking the start of a new and challenging phase for us, in which the PM-GROUP will strive to achieve leadership in a number of key technological platforms for its businesses, as well as consolidating its global presence.

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