Our Values

Development of our core competence in manufacturing and applications know-how, makes us a competent partner. With a team of committed, customer-oriented and highly qualified employees, we are world leaders. Our work not only demands great skills and expertise, but also the ability to see beyond the technologies of today to continually develop and create the cutting-edge products of tomorrow. This is how we have become leaders through relentless dedication and adherence to our brand value.
PM was set up in 1966 and ever since then our heritage is the main reason why we have become leaders in innovation – our expertise has not developed overnight. Our history gives us the credibility to pave the way ahead. We have achieved international excellence through collaboration with trusted global partners. PM’s industry leadership started and will continue to grow with their support.

Taking part in various landmark Aeronautical, Aerospace & High-Tech programmes requires in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing supply chain. From R&D to construction, assembly and technical assistance, PM understands and participates in each stage of the process. Our most ambitious goals are all about preserving the environment by a ecological responsible strategy, and decreasing emissions.

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